My Teaching Philosophy

        Over the course of my career, I have taught and mentored a diverse group of students from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, principally through undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Trento within the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science and ICT International Doctoral School. Furthermore, while serving as Managing Director of the GraphiTech Foundation, I held an appointment as an ‘Adjunct Professor’ at the University of Trento. During this period, I taught formal credit courses on computer graphics, game design, and virtual and augmented reality. Concurrently, I supervised and sponsored many student research and internship projects, graduating 6 Ph.D., 13 MS, and 12 BA Students.


        Earlier, during my graduate studies, I mainly taught mechanical and industrial engineering. I worked as an instructor and member of the examiner boards for several courses, including “Drawing and Methods of Industrial Engineering” and “Computer Aided Design”.


       My passion for teaching has developed over the last 20 years, during which I have refined my methods to create a wider variety of learning experiences. In addition to employing a combination of collaborative and individual activities, lectures, and tutoring, I have developed my main educational strategy based on the integration of research and instruction through creative and exploratory practices. I focus on the integration of teaching, learning, and prototyping on the one hand, and exploration and research on the other. I train my students to explore and develop new knowledge by involving them in research and industrial projects. With the benefits of numerous and venerable collaborations and projects I have with international companies, my students have received a plethora of opportunities for hands-on work crucial to the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical design skills.


     Within my courses, I teach students not only how to solve problems, but also how to integrate their solutions to ensure positive social impacts and improvements in quality of life. I thoroughly enjoy investigating how humans design and interact with real and digital products and how cutting-edge technologies enhance and inspire the creative process, and I try to relay this passion to my students.


       While my current job position at Oregon State University carries no teaching responsibilities, I developed and previously delivered the course CS 419/519 “Virtual & Augmented Reality”.

The course provides an interdisciplinary learning experience that imparts both an understanding of the fundamentals of VR/AR and practical development experience. As an outcome of taking this course, students develop an understanding of how to design and prototype mixed reality experiences for any given target audience and context using interactive devices.


      I will be very pleased to continue delivering coursework for undergraduate and graduate instruction related to Virtual & Augmented Reality,  Computer Graphics, Interaction Design, Game Design, and Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Aided Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering.

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