I conduct research activities in the domain of interactive computer graphics and human-computer interaction, focusing on the intersection between design, technology, and ubiquitous social computing.  In our creative society, we are all both producers and consumers of value; in my vision – and that of many others – the convergence of Reality, Virtuality, Big Data and Social Computing will profoundly affect the future of communication, offering revolutionary possibilities and leading to societal transformations.


My research partners  span over Italy, Spain, and USA, involving people working for:

  • Oregon State University  (OSU)

  • University of Bologna (Italy)

  • University of Napoli (Italy)

  • Vicomtech (Spain)



More detailed information about my current research is available here.


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<my first name>.de.amicis at gmail.com

+1 (541) 737-0741

+1 (541) 737-1300

Corvallis, OR, USA