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Access, distribution and processing of Geographic Information (GI) are basic preconditions to support strategic environmental decision-making. The heterogeneity of information on the environment today available is driving a wide number of initiatives, on both sides of the Atlantic, all advocating both the strategic role of proper management and processing of environme- related data as well as the importance of harmonized IT infrastructures designed to better monitor and manage the environment. The extremely wide range of often multidimensional environmental information made available at the global scale poses a great challenge to technologists and scientists to find extremely sophisticated yet effective ways to provide access to relevant data patterns within such a vast and highly dynamic information flow. In the past years the domain of 3D scientific visualization has developed several solutions designed for operators requiring to access results of a simulation through the use of 3D visualization that could support the understanding of an evolving phenomenon. However 3D data visualization alone does not provide model and hypothesis-making neither it provide tools to validate results. In order overcome this shortcoming, in recent years scientists have developed a discipline that combines the benefits of data mining and information visualization, which is often referred to as Visual Analytics (VA).




Mathematical algorithms are a fundamental component of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems. This book provides a bridge between algebraic geometry and geometric modelling algorithms, formulated within a computer science framework.
Apart from the algebraic geometry topics covered, the entire book is based on the unifying concept of using algebraic techniques – properly specialized to solve geometric problems – to seriously improve accuracy, robustness and efficiency of CAD-systems. It provides new approaches as well as industrial applications to deform surfaces when animating virtual characters, to automatically compare images of handwritten signatures and to improve control of NC machines.
This book further introduces a noteworthy representation based on 2D contours, which is essential to model the metal sheet in industrial processes. It additionally reviews applications of numerical algebraic geometry to differential equations systems with multiple solutions and bifurcations.
Future Vision and Trends on Shapes, Geometry and Algebra is aimed specialists in the area of mathematics and computer science on the one hand and on the other hand at those who want to become familiar with the practical application of algebraic geometry and geometric modelling such as students, researchers and doctorates.

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Simulation, visualisation and visual computing are key research areas that are currently only partially covered in the past ICT Programmes of the European Commission. VISION has been funded by the European Commission to deliver a study in the field of "simulation, visualisation and visual computing". The main aim of VISION is to help the Commission making informed decision on future coverage and approaches towards the fields of simulation, visualisation and visual computing within a future post 2013 EU Research and Innovation Programme (Horizon 2020). The study has analysed and assessed the position of the European research community, industry and entrepreneurship in these areas, analysing research and market potential and identifying potential key players at the EU level that should be considered in the definition of the future priorities for Horizon 2020. More specifically the goals of the project were: To identify general trends, challenges and opportunities ; to identify key players at global and EU level ; to analyse the competitive position of EU research and industry ; to identify research trends and barriers ; to investigate market trends and barriers ; to propose recommendations for the definition of a EU strategy in the field including research, innovation and market uptake

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