• 2015: Best paper award at 8th international KES conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia: Systems and Services, “C-Space: A Mobile Framework for the Visualization of Spatiotemporal 3D Models”.

  • 2011: Best paper award at IEEE Conference on Communication, Science & Information Engineering, London, "Development of Simulation System for Air-Pollution Emergency Management". 

  • 2011: Best paper award at InterSymp 2011. Baden Baden, Germany "Integration of System Simulation and Geographical Information Processing for the Air-Pollution Emergency Situations Control and Decision Making". 

  • 2007: Best Paper Award 2006 and honorable mentions, INI-GraphicsNet. “Verba Volant Scripta Manent, a false axiom within virtual environments. A semi-automatic tool for retrieval of semantics understanding for speech-enabled VR applications”. 

  • 2003: Best Paper Award 2003, third place, INI-GraphicsNet. “Space design: A Mixed Reality Workspace for Aesthetic Industrial Design”. 

  • 1999: Winner of the “Leonardo” Fellowship, Industrial Application Department, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD), Darmstadt.

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