Administrative abilities

         I have an outstanding track record and considerable recognition for technical, intellectual, and human leadership in science, technology, and commercialization. I have been acknowledged as a principal intellectual leader and advocate of innovative strategic planning. I am an experienced manager of top technical and scientific multi-disciplinary teams in international contexts, and multi-organizational research programs, due to which I developed skills and abilities suited for strategic innovation, and technology adoption. In my career, I have developed robust academic outreach programs and collaborations with prominent universities, industries, and community partners.


         From 2003 to 2016, I was the Managing Director of Fondazione GraphiTech - Centre for Advanced Computer Graphics Technologies. Graphitech has been a very successful and profitable private research entity, very well respected in technical and professional communities and holding a very prestigious reputation in the EU. Since its incorporation, I have extensively and effectively worked on the strategic and technical development of the Foundation, managing all aspects of its business such as its human and financial resources. My primary duty was to steer the direction of Fondazione Graphitech, approving and creating various policies to encourage growth and innovation. I was in charge of all the financial operations of the company and constantly set goals and objectives which directly contributed to the company’s short and long term prosperity. I continuously aimed to identify and meet industry needs, focusing on both domestic and global markets, with the purpose of ensuring the provision of high quality services to a broad range of stakeholders. In thirteen years, Graphitech and I were involved many projects funded by the European Commission, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, various governmental agencies, and many industries.


       Additionally, from mid-2003 to 2016, I have been the Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator of several multidisciplinary projects with an overall budget of circa 47 million Euro (my share was of circa $ 8,500,000 €) and supported by a staff of 24 researchers and developers. They included internationally recognized scientists, professional staff, and early-career scientists.


     From 2010 to 2016, I served as the Vice-President of the Board of Directors at, an international network promoting cooperation in applied research regarding computer graphics, multimodal-multimedia technologies, and visual interactive digital media. There, I developed expertise concerning the construction and management of successful multinational organizations. Members of are located in Germany, Italy, Panama, Portugal, France, Spain, and China. In this context, I have established strong connections to a diverse set of academic and research institutions.


         Currently, I am Board Member of the Learn@OregonState Advisory Committee, which guides the design, implementation, and development of the Oregon State University ecosystem in alignment with University strategic goals to advance digital learning through thoughtful deployment of new learning platforms and applications.

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