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Many of us feel inspired by technology, both emotionally and creatively. Others are evangelists of the idea that once we rely on technology, we lose the ability to be creative. The objective truth is, however, that technology and creativity often go hand in hand.
My research interest is founded within this aforementioned scenario. I consider the design of an interactive graphics system a very articulated activity, characterized both by intuition-based problems as well as by mathematical-related issues, during which designers shape their mental model into a practical solution through a series of abstraction processes and mental simulations. In this regard, how creativity and technology are interwoven is really fascinating me.

Within my courses, I like to stimulate students thinking about not only how to solve problems, but also how to integrate information to ensure societal impact and improvement in quality of life. I thoroughly enjoy investigating how humans design and interact with both real and digital products, how innovative technologies enhance and inspire the creative process, and I try to transmit this passion also to my students.



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CS 419/519 S2020


The course is designed for those students with a forward-looking view who wants to go beyond the hype and learn about how VR/AR/MR is being applied to solve today's problem.


Some basic questions that motivate the course topics:
• How does one build a good AR/VR experience?
• How do VR and AR systems work using current technology?
• What is wrong with current systems?
• How does the human body respond to AR/VR?
• What fundamentals could help you to shape the future?


The course will be cross-college calling everyone to create, learn and explore.

Students who register for the course will:

  • Design, develop and evaluate a VR/AR experience.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of techniques,  technologies used in VR/AR;

  • Show critical awareness of historical and theoretical context relevant to VR/AR;

  • Identify and develop topics for research in VR/AR.


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